Using Health Gateway

What resources are available on Health Gateway?

Health Gateway provides access to different sources and formats of information on topics that might impact anyone living with a complex or episodic health condition such as: housing, money, jobs, equipment and devices, self-care, caregiving, coping and peer support. Resources are chosen based on specific criteria to make sure you have quality information to help you manage your condition and live well. Health Gateway links you to information that you need, and helps guide you on your healthcare journey.

Where do I go if I’m having difficulty searching the Health Gateway website?

For more information on navigating Health Gateway and finding information using our resource database, please email us at

What if we are missing information that is important to you?

Your feedback on Health Gateway is important to us. We welcome your comments on how easy or difficult you found Health Gateway to use, as well as comments on the design, the content or lack of content of interest to you on the website. We want to improve and meet the health information and support needs of people living with complex chronic conditions and episodic disabilities and their families. Please consider taking a few minutes of your time to fill out our feedback form.